CASCADE Summit Semi-Automatic RF Probe Station


Summi series semi-automatic probe systems, allow to access the full range of  test instruments for wafers upto 150 mm wafers. Summit probe station enables on-wafer measurements for applications such as RF/Microwave, device characterization, wafer level reliability, e-test, modeling, or yield enhancement.

Key Features

  • Minimize AC and spectral noise with effective shielding capability
  • Precision linear-motor/ air-bearing stage for accurate positioning
  • Precision sub-micron stepping with auto XYZ and theta correction
  • eVue™ digital imaging system with enhanced optical visualization, fast set-up, and in-die and wafer navigation
  • Powerful automation tools, such as automatic die-size measurements and wafer alignment
  • “Hands-free” microscope remote control, arm rest, and quick-access control panel
  • Quick and comfortable wafer access via locking roll-out stage


  • EMI shielding   ≥20 dB 0.5-20 GHz
  • Spectral noise floor  ≤-150 dBVrms/rtHz (≤50 kHz)
  • System AC noise  ≤15 mVp-p (≤1 GHz)   

System Electrical Performance 

  • Probe leakage  ≤1 fA 
  • Chuck leakage  ≤15 fA 
  • Residual capacitance  ≤50 pF 
  • Capacitance variation  ≤75 fF 
  • Settling time  ≤50 fA @50 ms

SUNUM building, Microsystems Testing Lab (G164)
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