Kulicke and Soffa 4700AD Ball and Wedge Wire Bonder


Convertible Digital Wedge and Ball Bonder on the same machine

Video Microscope System

0.7mil (18µm) and 1mil (25µm) Au and Al wire

4700AD provides the high yield and excellent repeatability needed for every wedge and ball bonding application, including: optoelectronic modules, hybrid/MCMs, microwave products, discrete devices/lasers, Chip-on-Board. Wedge or Capillary mounting is easy and precise with a special transducer, unique to K&S Model 4700. Applications ranging from the basic type to the most challenging are handled with ease and with the versatility demanded by today's leading research or production requirements.

Key Features:

  • Wedge-wedge and ball-wedge bonding on the same machine
  • Increased 'Z' travel; 12.5mm
  • 90-degree deep access wedge bonding with 0.750" wedge length
  • Ball bonding with 0.375", 0.437" or 0.625" capillary length
  • High-end Negative EFO with missing ball detection
  • Wire Spool holders for ½" and 2" spools
  • 2 Channel Independent Bonding Parameters
  • Semi-Auto and Manual Z Bonding Modes
  • Built-in Digital Work Stage Temperature Control
  • Nikon SMZ 660 microscope, 5x Zoom, 20x Eyepiece pair
  • K&S Video Microscope system
  • Small spot target, green dot <0.001" (25µm)
  • Clamp 90-degree Ribbon wire feed for deep access
  • Mini-heater support bracket for wedge
  • Workholders (see K&S Workholder Catalog below):
    • 04142-0X05-000-01
    • 04135-0X01-000-01
    • 04142-0X26-000-01
    • 04135-0X06-000-01
  • 0.7mil (17.5µm) and 1mil (25µm) Al wire for wedge bonding
  • 0.7mil (17.5µm) Au wire for ball bonding and 1mil (25µm) Au wire for wedge bonding



SUNUM building, Class 1000 Clean Room for Nanofabrication (Lab G131-G145)

For detailed information including Operation Conditions and Service Fees please contact: sunum@sabanciuniv.edu