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About US


Sabancı University
Nanotechnology Research and Application Center

SUNUM is established by The Turkish Ministry of Development and Sabancı foundation with 25 Million Euros investment. The high-tech facility of the Center is designed to support cutting-edge scientific and technological research related to nanotechnologies. The unique infrastructure of the Center includes a state-of-the art, two-story, 7400 m2 building with 850 m2 clean room, 1,600 m2 for multi-disciplinary laboratories and 2400 m2 office and general use, all furnished with high tech equipment to support R&D in nanotechnologies. The Center is environmentally friendly by minimizing energy use and waste generation. SUNUM is the first building in Turkey conforming to both LEED and BREEAM standards.

The architecture of SUNUM takes cues from human cell. The façade represents the C-60 (fullerenes) atomic structure. Several structural features such as spiral staircases inspired from DNA or cylindrical areas like carbon nanotubes are contributing to the originality of the architecture.

SUNUM is engaged in highly effective multidisciplinary research programs in advanced materials, nano-bio technology, nano-medicine, nano-electronics, nano-optics, micro/nano fluidics, micro/nano-electromechnaical systems and renewable energy systems. The multi-disciplinary laboratories of SUNUM houses advanced capabilities and equipment such as atomic resolution imaging and chemical analysis, fast gene sequencing for different cells, deposition of multilayers of few atom thick metals and dielectrics. SUNUM infrastructure is flexible and open to improvements to allow configuration changes to address future needs. The research infrastructure of SUNUM is accessible to all researchers from all academic, public and industrial institutions.

Sabancı University is setting up a genuine example for multi-disciplinary studies by “creating and developing together” strategy and “no departments, no walls” approach. Combined synergistically with the research expertise of the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, SUNUM allows application oriented research.

SUNUM, in collaboration with academic and industrial partners, focuses on human-centric, safety-minded research and applications in advanced structural materials, healthcare, energy, the environment, agriculture, food and defense areas.

"An Innovation Campus"

SUNUM is becoming a key hub and a leading example for the implementation of “open innovation” and “innovation campus” concepts in Turkey by establishing precompetitive research consortiums and strategic research alliances with academic and industrial partners. Collaborative research efforts at SUNUM are led by drivers such as expanding scientific results, transforming knowledge into public service, creating economic value, initiating interdisciplinary studies and establishing academic and professional partnerships. SUNUM manages the translational research for the establishment of “start-up” and “spin-off” companies and the protection of intellectual property rights by patents.