3D Systems Design and Fabrication Laboratory at SUNUM

3D Systems Design and Fabrication Laboratory at SUNUM is looking for a highly motivated student, who will assist us in the use of the micro computed tomograph (CT), SkyScan 1172 http://www.skyscan.be/products/1172.htm.  The principle of a micro CT is simply based on the efficient use of X-rays to characterize the internal structure of objects in a non-destructive manner.  Objects that are placed in a tomograph are scanned with X-rays and 2D images are recorded during the scanning process.  3D images are constructed later with a 3D reconstruction software and detailed analyses can be conducted at the end.

The prospective student will be trained to scan various objects linked to applications in a variety of different disciplines (such as teeth, soil material, biomedical tissue, mechanical and electronic components etc.). The training will include a basic introduction including steps for the use of the micro CT based on manuals and hands-on training sessions.  Depending on the student’s motivation and skills, the student will also be trained to become familiar with the use of micro CT, but also 3D reconstruction software, 3D imaging software and different types of software capable of performing morphological and physical analyses on the scanned objects. 

Interested students at all levels and from all disciplines are kindly requested to send their applications to Güllü Kızıltaş Şendur (gkiziltas@sabanciuniv.edu).