Sunum Safety Training

Dear all,

The safe use of the SUNUM Labs will be regulated/controlled in 2013. As first step, we are starting user orientation program which will be periodically offered and announced. Right after the orientation, a short test will be offered for USER CERTIFICATION and user will be granted access to the SUNUM LABS (can use HiS/HER ID card for LAB access). Therefore, it is advised that all current and potential users must attend the user orientation for certification and the session is scheduled for

Date: 20-06-2013
Time: 13.40 PM -15.40 PM
Location: SUNUM, G 111

Everyone is welcome to Safety Seminars. It's a 2 step introduction for General Safety followed by the CleanRoom Safety Education.
Anyone who uses SUNUM Labs should attend the first part, to gain access to SUNUM Labs.

FYI, each major equipment or equipment group of SUNUM will require further training related to the equipment. You need to be an authorized user to be trained for the specific equipment. 


Burak Birkan