Carl-Zeiss LSM 710 Confocal Microscope (with UV laser and 458, 488, 514, 561, 633nm laser units)

advance microscopy Cell Calture


With 34 Spectral R/FL Detection Channels
5 Laser Lines: 458, 488, 514,561 and 633nm
LSM-Software ZEN

Taking advantage of increasingly powerful technologies, the biomedical sciences are leading the way to a deeper understanding of the complex mechanisms that are the foundation of living systems at the molecular, cellular, and tissue levels. Whether it is in live cell imaging, single molecule analysis, or imaging of minute structures such as yeast or DNA, the LSM 710 creates detailed, high-contrast images and it allows you to use more dyes and look deeper into cells and tissues.

Key Features

  • Microscope
  • Scan module LSM 710 with scanners, optics and spectral separation
  • Spectral detection 34 channel LSM 710
  • Compensation optic InVIS MBS
  • Laser beam combiner with 4 ports
  • Laser basis LSM 710 for VIS lasers ROGB
  • Main beam splitter wheel VIS equipped for RGB lasers LSM 710
  • Laser rack LSM 710 and 780 incl. 633nm laser
  • Electrical connection box 400/230V
  • Laser 561nm for LSM 710 (D)
  • Laser Argon Multiline 25mW (D)
  • Realtime PC entry
  • Basic Software ZEN 2010 for LSM 710/780
  • Manual LSM 710 / 780 ZEN 2010

UV laser

  • Basic module InVIS lasers LSM 710
  • Beam path 405-440 nm, for 1 laser
  • Compensation optic InVIS MBS
  • AOTF interface 8 channel LSM 710
  • Laser diode 405nm CW for LSM 710

SUNUM building, Advanced Microcopy Techniques Lab (G163)
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