DISCO DAD 320 Automatic Dicing Saw

Micro/Nano Fabrication (Clean Room) Laboratory


Dicing of full wafers up to 6" and piece-parts

Diamond blades for Si, GaAs, glass, quartz

A dicing saw employs a high-speed spindle fitted with an extremely thin diamond blade to dice or groove semiconductor wafers and other workpieces. The 300 Series saws feature versatile processing capabilities, compact designs, and high precision and reliability. Users perform work-piece loading, alignment, and unloading manually.

Key Features:

  • Workpiece width setting range 0-6" (0-160 mm)
  • Dicing tape for loading full wafers and piece parts
  • X-axis cutting speed setting range 0.1 to 300 mm/s
  • Y-axis index setting range 0.2 µm to 160 mm
  • Y-axis index accuracy: single index error 3 µm or less and accumulated index error 5 µm/160mm or less
  • Microscope: 40 mm lens span, 200X magnification on 9" CRT monitor
  • Manual work-piece loading, alignment, and unloading
  • Available Disco Diamond Blades (see the link below):
  • NBC-ZH 2040 27HDCD for silicon, GaAs, GaP, LiTaO3, etc.
  • NBC-ZH 2060 27HFDD for silicon, GaAs, GaP, LiTaO3, etc.
  • P1A851 SD400R10MB01 56X0.1X40 for glass, quartz, crystal, ceramics, etc.

    Standart Operating Procedures for DISCO DAD 320 AUTOMATIC SAW 


SUNUM building, Class 1000 Clean Room for Nanofabrication Lab (G131-G145)

For detailed information including Operation Conditions and Service Fees please contact: Onur Serbest : oserbest@sabanciuniv.edu