SUNerji seminar given by Dr. Erşen Kavak on 9th of May (Wednesday)

Dear all,
We are continuing with the SUNerji seminar series on Wednesday (9th May) at 12:40 in the entrance hall of SUNUM. We will have Dr. Erşen Kavak, Founder and Manager of Genomize, as the speaker this week. Genomize is a young, dynamic and fast-growing biotech-startup specialized on genome-level data production and analysis. The company delivers years of bioinformatics know-how for project specific needs in Pharma or Academia.
This will be not a regular seminar, but an instructive session where the basics of the related field and some valuable insights into collaboration opportunities and future research directions will be given. May I kindly ask you to share this e-mail with your contacts who might be interested in this talk?

We are looking forward to your constructive participation to create synergies.

Kind regards,