Shiv Kumar Bharadwaj

0216-483-90 00 / 2409-2410
Postdoctoral Researcher
Areas of Interest
Biosensors, Bioinformatics, Biocompatible nanocomposite, Cell biology, Drug Development, Molecular biology and Microbiology
  • Article
    Bharadwaj, Shiv Kumar and Mitchell, Robert J. and Qureshi, Anjum and Kolkar Mohammed, Javed Hussain Niazi (2017) "Toxicity evaluation of e-juice and its soluble aerosols generated by electronic cigarettes using recombinant bioluminescent bacteria responsive to specific cellular damages", Biosensors and Bioelectronics, Vol.90, 53-60 (SCI)
  • Before SU Publications
    1. Shiv B, Puja B, Reena S, Aman CK and Vivek DD. In silico Analysis Of sequence-Structure-Function-Relationship Of the Escherichia Coli Methionine Synthase Interdisciplinary Sciences: Computational Life Sciences, (2015):1-9.
    2. Shiv B, Harsh DK and Gireesh BK. A study on the electricity generation from the cow dung using microbial fuel cell. Journal of Biochemical Technology (2012):3(4)442:447.
    3. Shiv B and Gireesh BK. Isolation and identification of nano-wire forming electrogens from anodic biofilms of the microbial fuel cells (MFCs). International Journal of Recent Scientific Research. (2013):4(11)1803-1808.
    4. Shiv B and Gireesh BK. Effect Of Pyocyanin as Exogenous Mediator on Bioelectricity Production in the Two Chambers Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC). International Journal of Pharmacy and Intergraded Life Sciences, (2014):2-(8)1-20