ProJetT HD 3000 Professional 3D Printer

The ProJet™ HD 3000 3-D Production System is a next generation 3D Printer that delivers unmatched part quality with largely unattended operation, ideal for long and high-volume production runs.

Designed for high productivity, precision and accuracy, the ProJet™ 3-D Production System enables the user to produce most complex geometries and numerous different parts without sacrificing build speed. The ProJetTM HD 3000 3-D Production System offers the option of two modes, High Definition (HD) and Ultra High Definition (UHD), for applications ranging from prototypes and concepts to direct castable models. For direct castable models of fine jewelry and other components, the UHD mode is unmatched in its ability to handle delicate features and produce detailed parts and patterns. For precision models and prototypes, the high speed and exceptional surface quality of the standard HD mode is ideal. Rely on the HD mode everyday for a wide variety of applications including concept development, design verification, form-fit testing, and product presentations.

Key Features

  • Printing Modes 

HD - High Definition
UHD - Ultra High Definition

  • Net Build Volume (xyz) 

HD Mode: 298 x 185 x 203mm (11.75 x 7.3 x 8 inches)
UHD Mode: 127 x 178 x 152mm (5 x 7 x 6 inches)

  • Resolution

HD Mode: 328 x 328 x 606 DPI (xyz)
UHD Mode: 656 x 656 x 800 DPI (xyz)

  • Accuracy (typical)

0.001-0.002 inch (0.025-0.05 mm) per inch of part dimension accuracy may vary depending on build parameters, part geometry and size, part orientation and post-processing methods

  • Build Materials

VisiJet® EX200 Build Material: Available in natural
VisiJet® SR200 Build Material: Available in natural, blue or gray
VisiJet® HR200 Build Material: Available in blue, formulated for exceptional castability

  • Support Material

VisiJet® S100 Support Material Non-toxic wax material for hands-free melt-away supports

  • Material Packaging

Build materials in clean 0.5 kg cartridges (machine holds up to 10 with auto-indexing)
Support materials in clean 0.405 kg cartridges (machine holds up to 10 with auto-indexing)

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