Roche Casy Cell Counter and Analyzer


The CASY® Cell Counter + Analyzer System Model TT determines not only the cell number but also the size distribution and viability of a cell sample quickly and reliably. In addition, the aggregation level in the cell sample is determined and automatically included in the determination of the cell concentration. The system uses Electrical Current Exclusion, the only well-accepted method for dye-free determination of cell viability. In addition, the system can also be used effectively for counting beads and other microparticles. Advantages include:

  • Simultaneous quantification of small debris, dead cells, viable cells and aggregates.
  • Accurate and reproducible results that can be directly compared from user to user, day to day and CASY® system to CASY® system based on the factory certified calibration.
  • Non-invasive method for determination of cell viability, avoiding the cytotoxic side effects of dyes.
  • Highly precise measurement of cell volume.
  • Correct quantification of even heavily aggregated cell samples.
  • Low sample volume (5 –100 μl).
  • Low measurement time (10 sec).
  • Low running cost per sample.
  • Nearly maintenance-free.
  • Calibration identical for all devices and stable for the entire service life.


SUNUM building, Molecular Biology Lab (G159)

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