SSI / Solaris 75-150 Rapid Thermal Annealer

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Solaris 150 Rapid Thermal Processing System

The SSI Inc Solaris 150 Rapid Thermal Processing System (RTP) is a tool used for Silicide formation, metal Alloys Group III Nitrides Reflow: BPSG, PSG contact anneal Ferroelectrics, Implant anneal, HBT & MESFET Solar Cells and Implant monitoring Thermal donor Si-Ge.

Key Features


• Semiconductor grade particle free Quartz chamber, not stainless steel where metal contaminants (Ni, Cr) can be generated on the wafer at high temperatures
• Top and backside wafer heating for ultimate temperature uniformity control
• Zone Control. This allows the user to toggle the front, middle and rear oven lamps such that the uniformity can be dialled in for outstanding uniformity specification and control.
• Gold reflectors create a 'photon box' such that our lamps are not as stressed as much as the stainless chamber which has low reflectance in the IR
• The system is provided with a purge gas line for the venting of the process chamber. The purge gas line can be used during the process. The purge gas flow is controlled by a needle valve
• The process gasses are controlled via unit Mass Flow transducers for highly accurate flow control and display. The process gasses are pre-mixed in a common mixing tube before entry into the process chamber.

• Steady State Temperature Range: Ambient – 1200oC
• Steady State Process time: 0.1 sec to unlimited time
• Temperature Uniformity: ±5oC across 150mm wafer
• Wafer diameter sizes: small pieces to 150mm.

Standart Operating Procedure For SOLARIS 150 RTP System 


SUNUM building, Clean Room (G129)

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