Torr Plasma Asher

Micro/Nano Fabrication (Clean Room) Laboratory


Reactive ion etching plasma system specially dedicated to O2 plasma cleaning processes

Key Features

• Process Chamber: A 10” diameter x 4.5” Aluminum chamber, with a view port on the side; a hinged opening for manual wafer loading.
• Vacuum Pumping: It includes mechanical pump with Fomblin fluid; vent valve, connecting hoses, etc.
• Vacuum Gauging: In order to measure the process gas pressure a capacitance manometer is employed to detect process pressures between 1 to 10-4 Torr.
• Gas Delivery/Control: The system comes with three manually controlled needle valves with manual shut-off valves.
• Wafer/Sample Stage: The stage is a 6” diameter Aluminum radiation cooled stage. Samples up to 6” diameter or any size and shape wafer/sample can be mounted on the stage.
 Uniformity of etching /cleaning is about 5% over the entire wafer.
• RF Power Supply: A 300 watt, 13.56 MHz air-cooled solid state, fully protected state of the art power supply with manual matching network and display of forward and reflected power.

Standart Operating Procedure For TORR Plasma Asher


SUNUM building, Class 1000 Clean Room for Nanofabrication Lab (G131-G145) For detailed information including Operation Conditions and Service Fees please contact:

Onur Serbest