Quantum computing applications

3 PhD Studentships in developing new type Josephson junctions for quantum computing applications

Three TÜBİTAK BİDEB PhD studentships are available at Sabancı University Nanotechnology Research and Application Center (SUNUM) to design, develop, characterize a new type of Josephson junctions which can be promising candidates for superconducting spintronic memory circuits and as well as in superconducting qubits. The research program aims at realizing a new type of ferromagnetic insulator-based Josephson junctions exhibiting prerequisite signatures of a π-junctions in the electrical measurements and testing the performance of these junctions in spintronic memory circuits and superconducting qubits. The research project will be funded for 24 months (max 36 months), but students may be supported for up to 48 months.v

Applicant: We are looking for bright motivated applicants who have MSc degree (or be due to graduate) in physics or related disciplines with extensive experimental experiences in thin film deposition techniques, circuit design, clean-room technologies, nano-scale and upscale device fabrications, Nanoelectronics, cryogenics, electrical and magnetic measurement techniques, and instrument programming and also a theoretical backgrounds in condensed matter physics particularly superconductivity and Josephson dynamics. The candidates are expected to collaborate with scientist at SUNUM, Sabancı University (SU) and Boğaziçi University and also to publish results in a refereed journals and make oral presentations at meeting conferences etc. Good written and oral communication skills are prerequisite.

Formal applications should be submitted through the online platform at Sabancı University’s website. Please visit the website for application periods. For more detail information concerning the open positions, directly send email to “ ysimsek@sabanciuniv.edu

-The studentships will be 4500 TL per month

- A tuition waiver and free accommodation at student dormitories will be provided by Sabancı University