Cascade Microtech PM5 Probe Station

The PM5 is highly precise probing solution for wafers and substrates up to 150 mm. This probe station is configured for DC device and wafer characterization tests.

Key Features

  • X/Y/Theta Stage
  • Planarity over 150 mm: <10 μm
  • Range of movement 50 mm x 50 mm
  • MOTIC Sterezoom Microscope SMZ-168
  • 1/2 Color CCD Camera/PAL
  • 15” TFT Monitor With Video in
  • Prohead PH110 Complete Magnetic COAX
  • Probe Tip 2 Mic Tungsten 25 TIPS
  • Vibration Isolation Platform VIP600
  • SUSS Shield Closure SE750/EMC
  • LocationSUNUM building, Class 1000 Clean Room for Nanofabrication Lab (G131-G145)

    For detailed information including Operation Conditions and Service Fees please contact: Onur Serbest :