NovoGen MMX Bioprinter™ System Demonstration 06 Jan. 2011

Dear All,

Newly arrived SUNUM equipment, Novogen Bioprinter system demonstration will be made tomorrow at 9.30 at SUNUM G157-3D System Design and Fabr. Lab.

Any interested are welcome. For further questions please ask to Bahattin Koc and Gullu Kızıltas.

Best regards.

NovoGen MMX Bioprinter™


Human biology, in vitro convenience.

The NovoGen MMX Bioprinter™ is a novel hardware and software platform at the forefront of bioprinting research and development. The NovoGen MMX™ was developed to meet challenges in biological research. The platform takes primary or other human cells and shapes them into 3D tissue, with tremendous cellular viability and biology that is superior to even an animal model. The platform is being used by Organovo's Pharma partners today to enable cutting edge research into drug discovery.

By allowing creation of three dimensional biological structures, Organovo creates functional human tissue that is superior to current disease models. By enabling printing of tissue in a laboratory environment, investigations on the constructs can be integrated into your current analysis methods.