SUNUM - update #5

I know that you have been very patient with the transition  phase of SUNUM. But we are slowly approaching the end and hope to be fully functioning soon. Therefore, I would like to update you on certain topics before the holidays:
1-  I know many of you have been looking forward to this announcement.  As you know we have had numerous meetings, done Research Map Exercises, talked and discussed the major topics / specialisations that would complement the existing expertise.   Attached please find the Call for New Researchers.  Please feel free to circulate this within your network.  The positions will also be  advertised in "Linked in", "Academia" and "Research gate".  We are hoping to be able to reach the best.

2-  I am sure most of you have already met them but we have three new staff members who have started in the last month:  Betul Altındal as Administrative Assistant, Emre Akar as Project and Business Development Expert, Fikret Değercan as Technical and Administrative Manager.  WE hope to improve SUNUM services through their contributions.  

3-  I am also happy to announce that our Social Media Accounts (Facebook, Tweeter, Instagram and Linked in)  under the name sunumsabanci are active as of June 1st and we hope that you will follow us and support SUNUM via your posts and re-tweets.  We are open to all comments and contributions to improve the visibility of SUNUM amongst our stakeholders. We would also appreciate if you could provide us with content from your SUNUM-related activities.  Betul Altındal, our administrative assistant ( is responsible from coordinating the posts.
4- Our new web-site will be on-line by the second half of June. We will announce the web-site for your comments/contributions in due course.  
5- We are still waiting for our 2018 budget before we can proceed with new major equipment purchases but all the project-supported purchases and minor purchases are continuing.  In a previous communication I have already shared the procedures for  Doctoral and post-doctoral grants, employment of post-doctoral researchers and invitation of foreign nationalities as researchers, as decided by our Academic Coordinators Committee.  Please contact us if you have any difficulties.
6- I would like to remind you once again that salaries of researchers employed by SUNUM are exempted from income tax and  equipment purchases from SUNUM Projects are exempted from VAT (KDV) until December 2019.  Therefore the cost reflected to your invividual projects yields to be less.  Similarly, if the project is a SUNUM project  the overheads allocated to the project are 60% of the project budget.  

Please exploit these incentives to the benefit of improving research funding at Sabanci University.
I wish you all a happy BAYRAM and pleasant holidays :)

Best regards