Micro & Nanofabrication Laboratory & Cleanroom


– Class 100 (ISO 2) clean room for depositing organic and/or inorganic, conductive, insulating, and semi-conductive materials and etching (wet and dry) in controlled dimensions.

– Fabrication of structures with dimensions from a few nanometers, to hundreds of micrometers on single or multi-level functional structures.

– Multi-level and micro- and nano-system analyses and tests.


– Fabrication of micro and nano-system prototypes in a wide field of applications such as communications, health, defense, environment, energy

– Microfluidic circuits for chemical and biological sensor applications (such as chemical and biological sample separator and mixing)

– Capacitive sensors arrays for sensor and Lab-on-a-Chip applications

– Chemical sensor arrays for flammable, explosive and poisonous elements

– Fabrication of RF microelectromechanic circuit elements (RF-MEMS Key, Filter, Resonator e.g.)

– Infrared sensors/detectors

– Capacitive, micro-processed, ultrasonic signal convertor/sensors<

– Optical circuit elements (e.g. Resonators, Reflectors, Filters)

– Micro and nano manipulators

– Micro and nano antennas for THz applications

– Inertial sensors/converters/detectors: Gyroscope, Accelerometer


– KLA-TENCOR P6 Surface Profiler

– Semiconsoft Mprobe UVVis-NIR Thin film Spectral reflectance system

– Cascade microtech PM5 Probe Station

– Cascade microtech CP4 4-Point Probe

– Despatch LCD1-16N-3 Photoresist Curing Ovens x4

– Despatch LCD1-16N-3 Polyamide Curing Ovens x2

– Kulicke and Sofa / 4700AD Ball and Wedge Wire Bonder

– Mellen Crystal Growth Furnace

– DISCO DAD 320 Automatic Dicing Saw[/one_third]

– Vistec / EBPG5000plusES Electron Beam Lithography system

– Torr E-beam and Thermal evaporator

– Torr Plasma Asher

– Oxford PlasmaLab System 100 PECVD

– Oxford PlasmaLab System 100 ICP 300 ICP RIE (III-V and Metal Ething)

– Oxford PlasmaLab System 100 ICP 300 Deep RIE (SiO2,SiNx and Deep Si Etching)

– SSI / Solaris 75-150Rapid Thermal Annealer

– Midas / MDA-60MS Mask Aligner 4”

– Nanovak NVTE4-01 Thermal Evaporator

– Dorutek Electroplating System (Gold and Nickel Electroplating system)

– Dorutek Lithography Wet Bench x 2 (Spinner, Hot Plate, Rinser)

– Dorutek Etching Station (Quartz, Teflon Baths, Ultrasonic Bath, QDR) x3

– Dorutek Wet Bench (Ultrasonic Bath, Bench Top Hot Plate) x1

– Dorutek Fume Hood x1

– Carl Zeiss Optical Microscopes