Part Time Researcher – Devrim Gözüaçık


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Neurodegenerative diseases,
Rare diseases,
Disease markers and drug target discovery,
Nano drugs,
Targeted drug delivery,
Nanotechnology for disease diagnosis and follow-up,

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Demir-Duman F, Akkoc Y, Demirci G, Bavili N, Kiraz,A, Gozuacik Dx, Yagci Acar Hx. Bypassing pro-survival and resistance mechanisms of autophagy in EGFR-positive lung cancer cells by targeted delivery of 5FU using theranostic Ag2S quantum dots. Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 2019 Dec 14;7(46):7363-7376!divAbstract

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Gozuacik D, Kutlu O, Kocaturk NM, Kilislioglu A, Karakus S, Kutlu M, Ilgar M, Ben Taleb AM, Tan E. Nano formulations comprizing Ceranib-2. WIPO-Patent Cooperation Treaty. Application Number: PCT/TR2019/050247. April 16, 2019. Pending.

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Kosar A, Gozuacik D, Sadaghiani AH, Motazakker A, Akkoc Y. Heat exchanger with enhanced heat transfer surfaces. Turkish Patent Institute. Application Number: 17T-10468. April 14, 2017. Pending.

Gozuacik D. Usage of FC for cancer diagnosis and treatment. European Patent Office Patent Application Number: EP3067422. March 13, 2013. Pending.
Cho YK, Bathany C, Kim JY, Gozuacik D. Device and method for single cell screening-based on inter-cellular communication. WIPO-Patent Cooperation Treaty. Patent Application Number: WO2016099207. June 23, 2016. Pending. USA Patent Office. Patent Number: 10385306. August 20, 2019. Approved.

Gozuacik D and Korkmaz G (PhD Student). Use of miRNAs for the diagnosis, propylaxis, treatment and follow-up of diseases involving macroautophagy abnormalities. European Patent Office Patent Number: EP10777121.4. April 05, 2012-2015. Approved.

2018-present: Part-time Senior Researcher, SUNUM Nanotechnology Research and Application Center.


2020-present: Research Team Leader, KUTTAM Research Center for Translational Medicine, Koç University Hospital.


2020-present: Tenured Professor and Research Team Leader, Koç University School of Medicine.


2018-present: International Council Member and Affiliate Member, Autophagy, Inflammation: and Metabolism (AIM) Center of Biomedical Research Excellence, University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center, USA.


2006-2020: Professor, Sabanci University, Istanbul.


2017-2019: Advisory Board Member, TÜSEB (Turkish NIH) Biotechnology Institute


2016-2020: Founding Board Member, EFSUN Center of Excellence for Nano Diagnostics.


2001-2006: Postdoctoral Fellow, Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot (Adi Kimchi Lab).


1997-2001: PhD Student Researcher, Pasteur Institute and Necker Children’s Hospital IRNEM, Paris (Christian Brechot Lab).


1996-1997: MSc Student Researcher, Ecole Polytechnique, Paris (Andrea Parmeggiani Lab).

2010-today, Board of Directors Member, International Cell Death Society
(ICDS) (Based in New York) (

2016-today, Founding Member, Turkish Cell Death Research Society (HOAD).

2011-today, Founding Member, Turkish Molecular Biology Society (MBD).

2016-2017, Board Member, Turkish Cell Death Research Society (HOAD).

2011-2013, Board Member, Turkish Molecular Biology Society (MBD).

2015: Elginkan Foundation Technology Award (together with the SUTAB medical device team)

2014: TGC Sedat Simavi Health Sciences Award

2014: IKU Prof. Onder Oztunali Science Award

2008: Turkish Academy of Sciences, Successful Young Scientist Award (TÜBA-GEBİP).

2006: European Molecular Biology Organization, Strategical Development and Installation Award (EMBO-SDIG).

2006: Selected by Roche Pharmaceuticals among the “Bioscience Leaders of the Next Decade”.