Technical Specialists – Ahmet Eymen Akşener

Nano-sized material production
Boron and boron compounds
Ultrasound-assisted liquid-solid reactions (acousticcavitation)
Production of specialadditives
High-temperature solid-solid reactions
Insulation materials
Refractory coatings

  1. Synthesis of Nanometric β-Barium Metaborate Powder from Different Borate Solutions by Ultrasound- Assisted Precipitation (Research on Chemical Intermediates, accepted 07.02.2013, DOI: 10.1007/s11164-013-1106-3)
  2. Synthesis Of Barium Metaborate From Boric Acid With Microwave Assisted Method (Sigma Journal of Engineering and Natural Sciences, accepted 18.02.2013)
  3. The topic under the title ‘Precipitation Method for Barium Metaborate (BaB2O4) Synthesis from Borax Solution’ was accepted for the poster presentations for APMAS 2013, Antalya, Turkey.
  4. Precipitation Method for Barium Metaborate (BaB2O4) Synthesis from Borax Solution (American Institute of Physics proceeding e-book, ID 20, 26.07.2013)

Dates Jun 2017 →2020
Chemical Engineer / R&D Engineer in Coating and Isolation Dep.
Çukurova Kimya Endüstrisi A.Ş. /Manisa
February 2017 → Jun 2017
Scientist / Researcher
BOREN – National Boron Research Institute / Ankara
October 2013 → April 2016
Chemical Engineer/Project Adviser (Self-Employment)
Pohlman European Project Consultancy / Brussels-Belgium
October 2007 → June 2013
Chemical Engineer
Representative Company of FARBCHEMIE BRAUN KG / Istanbul