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Prof. Dr. Gözde İnce

Sabancı Üniversitesi FENS

İş Deneyimi

-Sabancı University (2010 -)

-Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2008 – 2010)

Araştırma Alanları

-Chemical vapor deposition of stimuli responsive and conducting polymerthin films and nano structures of polymers that are responsive to temperature, pH or light stimuli.

-Synthesis of functional polymeric nano materials for smart coatings, drug delivery and biosensor applications.

Son 5 Yayın

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1. Dubach, J.M.; Clark, H.A.; Gleason, K.K.; OzaydinInce, G., Compositions And Methods For Measurement of Analytes. U.S. Patent US 2013197326, Aug 01, 2013.

2. Eggenspieler, D.; Ince, G.; Boyce, M.C.; Gleason, K.K., Fabrication of Anti-Fouling Surfaces Comprising A Micro- orNano-Patterned Coating. U.S. Patent US 2012058302, March 08, 2012.


-Materials Research and Society

-American Chemical Society

-American Vacuum Society


-Best Poster Award in Material Research Society Meeting (2004)

-Best Young Scientist Talk Award (2010), ICMR School on Nanoscale Science of Biological Interfaces

-L’Oréal Turkey Young Women Scientist Fellowship (2012)

-TÜBA-The Young Scientists Award (GEBİP) (2012)

-BilimAkademisi – Young Scientist Award (BAGEP) (2014)