Greenlight Battery Test Station

Greenlight Battery Test Station

Electric and hybrid electric vehicle battery testing

Battery system developers and manufacturers should think durability, reliability and safety concentrating on the thermal, electrical, chemical and mechanical integration concerns. Storage capacity, energy density, power density, voltage efficiency and life-time (shelf-life, charge/recharge cycles) are the important parameters to estimate the performance of the developed batteries. Greenlight battery test systems are designed to be turn-key testing platforms including resistive or regenerative load banks, dynamic automation, high common mode voltage cell monitoring, power supply, computer and Emerald control software, and thus provide a comprehensive work on the performance tests.

Key Features

  • CE certification including optional 3rd party verification
  • Test station sizes from 1W to 250 kW
  • Power range: 6kW (discharge), 1.6 kW (charge)
  • Maximum DC voltage: 60VDC (Limited by available power supply)
  • Maximum current (charge): 60 Amps
  • Maximum current (discharge): 600 Amps
  • Number of cells: 6 (0V to +10V CVM 16bit Beckhoff)
  • Emerald Battery Test control software
  • Air cooled or water cooled resistive load banks
  • Regenerative load banks
  • Recharge power supplies
  • Data acquisition units
  • Electro Impedance Spectroscopy units
  • Current interrupt units
  • Coolant modules with automated flow, pressure, and temperature control
  • Environmental chambers with full control and data acquisition
  • 24/7 automated test capability
  • Automated implementation of standard drive cycle tests including FUDS, DST, etc.
  • Automation programming options including scripts, tables, and flow charts
  • Charge/discharge cycle: maximum 1000

SUNUM building, SUNUM building, Energy and Surface Chemistry Lab (G160)
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