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Original architecture, environmentally friendly and sustainable approach

SUNUM, which has 26 laboratories covering a total area of ​​1,500 m2, particularly houses a clean room of 850 m2 that has high-resolution, sensitive equipment required for nanotechnology. A part of the clean room was created with a special split-based construction technique that allows measurement at the atomic level free from all kinds of vibrations.

With a total area of ​​7,368 m2 on three floors, SUNUM includes office space of 2,400 m2, meeting rooms, common study areas open to students, and general service areas.

Creative Architecture Example

The architectural design of SUNUM, which was planned as the first Research Center building with green certificates in Turkey during its establishment, was carried out by the US designer Cannon Company.

By creating a special, vibration-free zone for devices that measure at the atomic level, details about nanotechnology used in building interior and exterior design have made SUNUM unique in creative architectural design.

The general architecture of the SUNUM building, which is visually striking, is identified with the cell structure. The exterior of the building represents a hexagonal carbon (C-60, fullerenes) structure.

Environmentally Responsible Construction

During the construction of the building, environmental awareness was prioritized and measures were taken to minimize environmental pollution:

  • The building was constructed as an ecological and bio-compatible structure to support the surrounding environment.
  • 80% of the construction waste (cardboard, metal, tile, plastic, wood, plaster, and insulation materials) was collected and recycled.
  • Construction materials were purchased from a radius of maximum 800 km, and the goods of local producers were preferred. Thus, environmental pollution that might arise during transportation was kept to a minimum.