Micro/Nano Scale Heat Transfer Course

Heat transfer at the micro and nano scales is an emerging field, and it is changing the heat transfer paradigm in many practical applications. In response to the growing demand to disseminate recent advances in theoretical and applied research in this exciting new discipline, a five day course is offered at Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turkey by seven recognized world leaders on micro/nano scale heat transfer.

The course is specifically designed for graduate students, post-docs, and thermal design experts from a broad range of industries including electronics, refrigeration, energy, aerospace, automotive, and heat exchangers. Three days of the course are dedicated to single-phase flow, flow boiling, flow condensation, and enhancement techniques, one day for solid-state (nanoscale conduction) heat transfer, and one day for near field thermal radiation.


  • Single-phase heat transfer
  • Boiling heat transfer
  • Condensation heat transfer
  • Nanoscale heat conduction
  • Near field radiation

 For information on the course details, instructors and topics covered, please visit the course web site at http://micronanohtc.sabanciuniv.edu/