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Prof. Dr. Alpagut Kara

AB President


Prof. Dr. Alpagut KARA, graduated from Istanbul Technical University/Turkey as a Metallurgical Engineer in 1988. He had his MSc degree in Engineering Ceramics from University of Leeds/UK in 1991. He received his PhD degree from University of Bath/UK in 1999. Since then, he has been working as a lecturer in the department of Materials Science and Engineering of Anadolu University (recently as Eskisehir Technical University)/Turkey. He has also been acting as the president and R&D coordinator of the Ceramic Research Centre (SAM), university-industry joint research centre founded by Anadolu University and Turkish ceramic manufacturing companies, since 2010. His research activities are in both processing of industrial and advanced ceramics and composites. Up till now, he has published around 100 papers in international and national journals and conferences. He has also been inventor in several national and international patents. Apart from these academic activities, he is one of the co-founders of MDA Advanced Ceramics, a spinoff company, being active in the development of advanced ceramics and composites for ballistic, wear and cutting tool applications since 2004. In addition, he is the head of Turkish Ceramic Society (TSD).