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Alper Şişman

Marmara University

Research Interests

  • BioMEMS
  • MEMS
  • Acoustics
  • Surface Acoustic Waves
  • Ultrasonic Imaging
  • Array Signal Processing

Last 5 Publications

  1. Ali Mohammad Yazdani, Alper Şişman, “A novel numerical model to simulate acoustofluidic particle manipulation”, IOP Publishing Physica Scripta, 2020,
  2. Rana Altay, Abdolali K. Sadaghiani, M. Ilker Sevgen, Alper Sisman and Ali Koşar, “Numerical and Experimental Studies on the Effect of Surface Roughness and Ultrasonic Frequency on Bubble Dynamics in Acoustic Cavitation”, MDPI Energy, 2020
  3. O. Onen, A. Sisman, N. D. Gallant, P. Kruck, R. Guldiken “A Urinary Bcl-2 Surface Acoustic Wave Biosensor for Early Ovarian Cancer Detection,” MDPI Sensors, 2012, 1424-8220, 6, 12, 7423-7437.
  4. G. Gurun, J. Zahorian, A. Sisman, M. Karaman, P. Hasler and F. L. Degertekin, “An Analog Integrated Circuit Beamformer for High- Frequency Medical Ultrasound Imaging,” IEEE Transactions On Biomedical Circuits And Systems, 2012, 1932-4545, 5, 6, 454 - 467.
  5. A. Sisman, J. Martinez, O. Onen, D. Velasquez, R. Guldiken “A Synthetic Phased Array Surface Acoustic Wave Sensor for Quantifying Bolt Tension,” MDPI Sensors, 2012, 1424-8220, 12, 9, 12265-12278.


  • A GSM-based secrity System: International patent/Patent Number:WO2005057516...Registered
  • A Biyosensor for early detection of prostate cancer: application number: 2018/02751..Pending
  • A volumetric navigation system that guides the bronchoscope prob in order to locate the lung-lesions accurately, patent pending, application number:2018/06307.......Pending
  • A Novel SAW-based touchscreen design, patent pending, application number:2019/04467....Pending
  • A novel-modular shelf system for instant monitoring of shelf-stock and planogram...Pending, application number:2018/18587


IEEE- Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Reviewer:

  • IOP, Measurement
  • Elseiver, Sensors and Actuators A: Physical
  • IOP, Physica Scripta
  • IOP, Smart Materials and structures
  • IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Circuit and Systems
  • Journal of Control Science and Engineering
  • Turkish Journal of Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences
  • Journal of King Saud University - Computer and Information Sciences.


  • TIM, Turkish Exporters’ Assembly Innovative Project Award, 2012
  • Marmara University 130th year Academic Achievement Award, 2013
  • Hacettepe University, Innovative Project Award, 2017
  • ISIF, 5th Istanbul International Inventions Fair, Patent Award: Bronze, 2020