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Begüm Yarar Kaplan

Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering

Work Experience

-Vanderbilt University, USA (2016),

-Sabancı University, Graphene Flagship Project (2017-2018)

Research Interests

-Catalysts and membranes for electrolyzers, fuel cells, supercapacitors, and Li-ion batteries

-Fabrication and characterization of nanofiber-based membranes and electrodes for energy storage and conversion systems

-Electrochemical characterizations of energy materials, corrosion/durability tests for batteries and fuel cells

Last 5 Publications

  1. B. Yarar Kaplan, A. C. Kırlıoğlu, M. Alinezhadfar, M. A. Zabara, N. Rajabalizadeh Mojarrad, B. Iskandarani, A. Yürüm, C. S. Özkan, M. Özkan, S. Alkan Gürsel, "Hydrogen production via electrolysis: operando monitoring and analyses", Chem Catalysis, 2023, 3 (5), 100601.
  2. V. Charkhesht, B. Yarar Kaplan, S. Alkan Gürsel, A. Yürüm, " Electrospun nanotubular titania and polymeric interfaces for high energy density Li-ion electrodes ", ACS Energy Fuels, 2023, 37, 8, 6197–6207.
  3. N. Rajabalizadeh, A. C. Kırlıoğlu, B. Yarar Kaplan, "P(VDF-TrFE) reinforced composite membranes fabricated via sol-gel and dual-fiber electrospinning for low relative humidity operation of PEM fuel cells", Solid State Ionics, 2023, 392, 116152.
  4. N. Haghmoradi, Z. T. Sarı, A. C. Kırlıoğlu, B. Yarar Kaplan, B. Dedeoğlu, P. Zahedimaram, S. Abdolhosseinzadeh, S. Alkan Gürsel, "Co2+, Fe2+, and Ni2+: Modifiers for photocatalytic deposition of highly active Pt on graphene-based supports", ACS Appl Energy Mater, 2022, 5 (11), 13939–13951.
  5. B. Iskandarani, N. Rajabalizadeh, A. Yürüm, S. Alkan Gürsel and B. Yarar Kaplan, "Electrospun nanofiber electrodes for boosted performance and durability at lower humidity operation of PEM fuel cells", ACS Energy Fuels, 2022, 36 (16), 9282-9294.


The Electrochemical Society (ECS)

National Hydrogen Association

National Carbon Association


L’Oréal-Unesco For Women in Science Award, 2023

Young Researcher Award 2020, Received the young researcher award 2020 from National Hydrogen Association for internationally accepted contributions both in scientific and technical aspects in the field of hydrogen energy and technologies

Best Poster Award, mESC-IS 2nd International Symposium on Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion, 2017