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Hayriye Ünal

Ph.D. in Chemistry

Work Experience

-Researcher, Sabanci University (2016- )

-Postdoctoral Researcher, Sabanci University (2012-2016)

-Part-time Instructor, Dogus University, Division of Chemistry (2012-2014)

-Instructor, Carnegie Mellon University, Department of Chemistry, (2011)

-Research Manager, Magee Women’s Research Institute, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (2010-2011)

Research Interests


-Antibiofilm materials,

-Nanomaterials for food safety,

-Active food packaging,

-DNA nanotechnology,

-Hybrid nanostructures

Last 5 Publications

1. Oruc, B.; Celik, S.; Hayat Soytas, S.; Unal, H. DNA Directed Self-Assembly of Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes into Three-Way Junction Nanostructures. ACS Omega 2018, 3 (4), 4157–4162.

2. Taş, C. E.; Hendessi, S.; Baysal, M.; Unal, S.; Cebeci, F. C.; Menceloglu, Y. Z; Unal, H. Halloysite nanotubes/polyethylene nanocomposites for active food packaging materials with ethylene scavenging and gas barrier properties. Food and Bioprocess Technology, (2017), 10 (4), 789-798.

3. Hendessi, S.; Seviniş, E.; Unal, S.; Cebeci, F.; Menceloğlu, Y.; Unal, H. Antibacterial sustained-release coatings from halloysite nanotubes/waterborne polyurethane. Progress in Organic Coatings, (2016), 101, 253-261.

4. Çavuşlar, Ö.; Ünal, H. Self-assembly of DNA wrapped carbon nanotubes and asymmetrical cyanine dyes into fluorescent nanohybrids. RSC Advances, (2015), 5, 22380-22389.

5. Ünal, H; Niazi, J. N. Carbon Nanotube Decorated Magnetic Microspheres as an Affinity Matrix for Biomolecules. J. Mater. Chem. B, (2013), 1, 1894-1902.


1. Unal, H; Unal, S; Menceloglu, Y. Z; Cebeci, F. C. ,“Food Packaging Material with Antibacterial, Ethylene Scavenging and Barrier Properties”, Sabanci University, US Patent Office, 14/795,301, 2015.