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Prof. Dr. Mehmet Cengiz Baloğlu

PhD in Middle East Technical University, Department of Biology

Work Experience

Work Experience: Kastamonu University, Department of Genetics and Bioengineering




Research Assistant

Middle East Technical University, Department of Biology


Visiting Scientist

University of California Davis (UC Davis), Department of Plant Sciences CA, USA


Research Assistant

Selçuk University, Department of Biology


Assist. Prof. Dr.

Kastamonu University, Department of Biology


Assist. Prof. Dr.

Kastamonu University, Department of Genetics and Bioengineering


Assoc. Prof. Dr.

Kastamonu University, Department of Genetics and Bioengineering


Visiting Scientist

University of Florida, Agronomy Dept, IFAS, FL, USA



Prof. Dr.

Kastamonu University,                                                            


Research Interests

  • CRISPR/Cas9 technology
  • Omics Technologies
  • Bioinformatics
  • NGS
  • Gene Identification in Plants
  • Abiotic Stress in Plants
  • Molecular Plant Breeding
  • Ethnopharmacology
  • Cancer Genetics

Last 5 Publications

  1. Ünel NM, Baloglu MC, Celik Altunoglu Y. (2023). Comprehensive Investigation of Cucumber Heat Shock Proteins under Abiotic Stress Conditions: A Multi-Omics Survey. Journal of Biotechnology. (SCI-E, IF: 4.1). Quartile in Category: Q2
  2. Baloglu MC, Celik Altunoglu Y, Baloglu P, Yildiz AB, Türkölmez N, Özden Çiftçi Y (2022). Gene-Editing Technologies and Applications in Legumes: Progress, Evolution, and Future Prospects. Frontiers in Genetics. 13:859437. doi: 10.3389/fgene.2022.859437 (SCI-E, IF: 4,599). Quartile in Category: Q1
  3. Zengin, G., Uba Aİ, Öçal M, Sharifi-Rad M, Caprioli G, Angeloni S, Celik Altunoglu, Y., Baloglu, MC., Yıldıztugay E. (2022). Integration of in vitro and in silico approaches to assess three Astragalus species from Turkey flora: A novel spotlight from lab bench to functional applications. Food Bioscience, Volume 49, 101858, (SCI-E, IF: 5,318). Quartile in Category: Q1
  4. Brant, EJ, Baloglu MC, Parikh A, Altpeter F (2021). CRISPR/Cas9 mediated targeted mutagenesis of Liguleless1 in sorghum provides a rapidly scorable phenotype. Biotechnology Journal. 3: e2100237. doi: 10.1002/biot.202100237. (SCI-E, IF: 4.677). Quartile in Category: Q1
  5. Sinan, K.I.; Akpulat, U.; Aldahish, A.A.; Celik Altunoglu, Y.; Baloglu, MC.; Zheleva-Dimitrova, D.; Gevrenova, R.; Lobine, D.; Mahomoodally, M.F.; Etienne, O.K.; Zengin, G.; Mahmud, S.; Capasso, R. (2021). LC-MS/HRMS Analysis, Anti-Cancer, Anti-Enzymatic and Anti-Oxidant Effects of Boerhavia diffusaExtracts: A Potential Raw Material for Functional Applications. Antioxidants, 10, 2003. (SCI-E, IF: 5,014). Quartile in Category: Q1


  • Turkish Biotechnology Association (2002-continue)
  • Turkish Biotechnology Association Board Member (2010-continue)
  • Turkish Biosafety Board, Expert (2012 -continue)
  • Turkish Biochemistry Association (2014 -continue)
  • Society for Experimental Biology (SEB Member) (2015 -continue)


  • TÜBİTAK 2219-International Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Program (2019-2020) University of Florida (UF), USA, 2019-2020.


  • USDA, Borlaug Fellowship Program, Borlaug Fellow for 2018


  • Travel Scholarship Award (SEB Travel Grant, 2015) Society for Experimental Biology, Prague, Czech Republic, 2015.


  • Middle East Technical University 2011-2012 Academic Year Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences, Best Ph.D. Thesis in Biology Award (2011-2012)


  • Travel Scholarship Award, the University of California Davis (UC Davis), United States, 2007.