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Meltem Elitaş

Sabancı University FENS

Work Experience

Fan Lab, Yale School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Research Interests


Micro fabricated tools for biology and medicine,

Surgical tools and robots,

Last 5 Publications

1. Y. Yildizhan, N. Erdem, M. Islam, R. Martinez-Duarte, M. Elitas, “Dielectrophoretic Sepration of Live and Dead Monocytes Using 3D Carbon-Electrodes”, Sensors, 2017, 17, 11, 2691.

2. M. Elitas, “Isoniazid Killing of Mycobacteriums megmatis NADH Pyrophosphatase Mutant at Single-Cell Level using Microfluidics and Time –Lapse Microscopy”, Scientific Reports, 2017, 7,1, 10770.

3. M. Elitas, S. Sadeghi, H. Karamahmutolgu, D. Gozuacik, N.S. Turhal, “Microfabricated Platforms toQuantitatively Investigate Cellular Behvaior under the Influence of Chemical Gradients”, Biomedical Physics&Engineering Express, 2017,3, 3, 035023.

4. M. Elitas, N. Dhar, K. Schneider, A. Valero, T. Braschler, J.D. McKinneyand P. Renaud, “Dielectrophoresis as a Single-Cell Characterization Method for Bacteria”, Biomedical Physics&Engineering Express, 2017,3, 1, 015005.

5. M. Elitas, M. Yuce, H. Budak, “Microfabricated Tools for Quantiative Plant Biology”, Analyst, 2017,143, 6, 835-848.


1. Senuysal H., Tansug T., Elitas M. (2017) Continuous Surgical Stapler. TR 2015/14193, Turkish Patent and Trademark Institute.

2. Tansug T., Taskıran T., Zeinali S., Elitas M. (2017) Laparoscopic Surgery Tool. SUP0100, Turkish Patent and Trademark Institute.


-IEEE, IEEE Engineering in Medicineand Biology Society,

-IEEE Women in Engineering, -Swiss Society of Biomedical Engineering (SSBE),

-American Association for Science and Technology (AASCIT), -Turkish Society of Yale Graduate Students and Scholars (TYGS),

-European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Disease (ESCMID),

-IEEE Robotics and Automation Society


-The first prize in the 11th National Oncology Research Symposium with a project proposal titled “Design and production of a high-precision microfluidic device to study the effects and tolerance of Sorafenib in liver cancer cases”, 2016.

-The first prize in the 8th Surgery Research Congress held by the Turkish Surgery Society for the innovation of “Continuous Laparoscopic Surgical Stapler” device.