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Serdal Temel

Ege University

Work Experience

Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC), Academic Advisor for Industry, R&D and Innovation Working Group of OIC. (2019-2019)

TUBITAK, Member of Turkish Technology Transfer Offices Executive Group (2019-…)

Ege University Technopark, Member of Executive Board (2017-2019)

TUBITAK, Project Call Preparation Committee Member for R&D and Innovation (1003 Programme) (2016)

Ege University Head of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Department (November 2015-2018)

Public-University-Industry Cooperation Committee Izmir Representative, Ministry of Industry and Technology (2015-…)

Southampton University-UK, Visiting Associate Professor (October 2015-…)

Mentor for Russia, subject to technology transfer, by EU (2015-…….). (Selected the best mentor by European Commission- Enterprise Europe Network)

Coordinator of Turkish TTO Network of USİMP (2014-…)

Ege University EBILTEM Technology Transfer Office Manager (2013-2018)

Mentor for Albania, subject to technology transfer, by EU (2012-2014) (Selected the best mentor by European Commission- Enterprise Europe Network)

Member of Enterprise Europe Network Partnership Processing Working Group (2010-2011)

Wageningen University, The Netherlands, Visiting Researcher (2009)

Enterprise Europe Network Trainer for Sharing Knowledge and Expertise on Innovation and Technology Transfer (2008-2014)

Netherland Senior Expert Pool Local Representative (2007-2013)

IMProve Innovation Management Consultant (2007-2013)

Chairman of Enterprise Europe Textile and Fashion Sector Group (2005-2017)

Research Interests

Innovation Management


Knowledge Transfer


University-industry Collaboration

Last 5 Publications

  1. Durst, S., Temel, S., Hinteregger, C., (2020). Influence of network partners on SMEs' innovation activities. International journal of Business EnvironmentVo.11, No. 14, pp. 369-389.
  2. Temel, S., Durst, S. (2020). Knowledge risk prevention strategies for handling new technological innovations in small businesses. VINE Journal of Information and Knowledge Management Systems,
  3. De Fuentes, C., Santiago, F., Temel S., (2020) Perception of innovation barriers by successful and unsuccessful innovators in emerging economies, Journal of Technology Transfer,
  4. Hinteregger, C., Durst, S., Temel, S., Yesilay, R. B.  (2019). The impact of openness on innovation in SMEs, International Journal of Innovation Management (IJIM),
  5. Temel, S., & Durst, S. (2018). Driving Factors for Converting Teaching-Oriented Universities Into Entrepreneurial Universities: A Turkish Case Study. International Journal of Applied Behavioral Economics (IJABE)7(3), 34-53.


  • President, Association of Technology Transfer Professionals (TTP)
  • Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM)
  • The Association of European Science & Technology Transfer Professionals (ASTP)
  • University-Industry Collaboration Centres’ Platform (USIMP)
  • International Association of Innovation Professionals (IAOIP)


  • Success Story “Bridging the gap between academia and entrepreneurship in Turkey and the UK” selected by British Academy, Newton Fund (2019)
  • Enterprise Europe Network Award Finalist, Creation of Successful International Collaboration for a local SME” by European Commission,
  • The most successful researchers who work on university-industry collaboration or the year 2018 under Public-University-Industry Working Group coordinated by Ministry of Technology and Industry (2018).
  • Best Practice Award “The Story of A Group of Academics: Dermis Pharma” by Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology (2017).
  • Turkish Technology Foundation T. Fikret Yucel Award Programme, “Jury Special Award”. This award dedicated young researchers’ work on innovation and R&D, by nomination. I have received the “Jury Special Award” with the project titled “Defining R&D and Innovation Capacity of The Aegean Region, Turkey”.  
  • British Academy Newton Fund Advanced Fellowship Award, (with Prof. Mine Karataş-Özkan Southampton University-UK) “Entrepreneurial Universities, Innovation and the Role of Technology Transfer offices in Emerging Economies”.