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Sibel Çetinel

Ph.D. in Molecular Biology, Genetics and Biotechnology

Work Experience

Principal Researcher 2019 – present Sabanci University Nanotechnology Research Application Center (SUNUM)

Post-doctoral Researcher & Research Associate 2013 –2018 Chemical and Materials Engineering, University of Alberta, Canada

Teaching and Research Assistant 2006 – 2012 Molecular Biology and Genetic Department Istanbul Technical University, Turkey

Visiting Graduate Student 2006-2009 Materials Science and Engineering Department, Genetically Engineered Materials Science and Engineering Center (GEMSEC), University of Washington, USA

Research Interests

– Nanomedicine

– Nanobiotechnology

– Peptide based detection and treatment systems

– Tissue engineering

– Biosensors

Last 5 Publications

1. Wei-Zheng S., Cetinel S., Montemagno C., “Application of biomolecular recognition via magnetic nanoparticle in nanobiotechnology” J Nanopart Res (2018) 20:130

2. Cetinel S., Wei-Zheng S., Aminpour M., Bhomkar P., Wang F., Borujeny E.R., Sharma K., Nayebi N., Montemagno C. “Biomining of MoS2 with Peptide-based Smart Biomaterials” Scientific Reports (2018) 8:3374

3. Nayebi N., Cetinel S., Ibrahim Omar S., Tuszynski J.A., Montemagno C., “A computational method for selecting short peptide sequences for inorganic material binding” Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics (2017) 1–12.

4. Sharaf M.G., Cetinel S., Semenchenko V., Damji K.F., Unsworth L.D., Montemagno C. “Peptides for Targeting βb2-crystallin Fibrils” Experimental Eye Research (2017) 165:109-117

5. Wei-Zheng S., Cetinel S., Sharma K., Borujeny E.R., Montemagno C., “Peptide-functionalized iron oxide magnetic nanoparticle for gold mining” J Nanopart Res (2017) 19:74