High performance miniaturized photonic devices for biomedical, agricultural, and environmental applications

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Developments in nanotechnology, electronics, computing, algorithms, imaging, and fabrication technologies are assisting us in miniaturizing optical/photonic devices to become portable and suitable for point of care and field applications.

The first guest of Nano Open in the new period will be Prof. Ibrahim Abdulhalim. During the last 10 years he has been working on different technologies for this purpose including full field optical coherence tomography, plasmonic sensors, and spectral/polarization control liquid crystal devices.

In this webinar he will review their miniaturized devices developed for these purposes including spectro-polarimetric imaging module based on unique liquid crystal devices demonstrated for skin cancer detection, plasmonic sensor with less than 1kg weight and small form factor demonstrated for detecting biomarkers, viruses, bacteria and other analytes, SERS sensors with ultrahigh enhancement, and more.

Nano Open Webinar will be held in a hybrid way at 11:00 on December 21, 2022. To register for the webinar otolab.sabanciuniv.edu

About Prof. Ibrahim Abdulhalim:

Professor Ibrahim Abdulhalim is with the Electro-optics and Photonics Engineering Unit, ECE School at Ben Gurion University since 2005.  He worked in academic institutions and companies such as OCSC in the University of Colorado at Boulder, the ORC at Southampton University, the Thin Films Center of the University of Western Scotland, in KLA-Tencor, Nova Measuring Instruments and GWS Photonics. His current research activities involve plasmonic and photonic biosensors, liquid crystal devices for imaging and energy saving, biomedical imaging, optical metrology and energy devices. Published over 300 articles, 2 books, 12 chapters and inventor on 22 patents. He is a fellow of IoP and SPIE and an associate editor for the Journal of NanoPhotonics and for the Journals of Sensors and Biosensors. He founded two companies: Photonicsys Ltd., and Photoliqsys Ltd., specialized in developing miniature plasmonic and photonic biosensors, and liquid crystal devices for photonic applications.