04 June 2024

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SUNUM researcher Mina Namvari, has published a study titled "Unlocking the potential of V2O5 decorated on crossed g-C3N4 monolayers derived from synergistic bio-transformation of ZnMn2O4 for antibiotic photodegradation" in the Journal of Materials Chemistry A.

The other authors of the article Ashkan Bahadoran,  Nene Ajinkya, Mohammadreza Sharghi, Farzad Hasanvandian,  Yan Wang,  Huiwen Chen, Babak Kakavandi,  Enrico Marsili, Massimiliano Galluzzi and Seeram Ramakrishna .

We congratulate the researchers for their success.

The paper is available online from pubs.rsc.org