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Mxene-Cellulose Nanofiber Composites: Toward Green, Multi-Functional, Flexible, and Highly Efficient Electromagnetic İnterference Shielding Materials

In the current digital world, electronic devices have become an inevitable part of our lives, contributing to increasing electromagnetic interference (EMI) that may unfavorably affect our health as well as the precision of miniaturized electronics. Therefore, developing efficient multi-functional EMI shielding materials is of immense importance. 

SUNUM researcher Dr. Mina Namvari and her collaborators comprehensively explored the application of MXene-cellulose nanofiber nanocomposites in EMI shielding effectiveness. The results showed that utilizing layer-by-layer assembled films and aerogels with tuned thickness and MXene content plays an important role in designing the next generation of MXene-based EMI shields that simultaneously feature remarkable EMI shielding performance and high electrical, thermal, and mechanical properties, which enables them to develop multi-functional, flexible, corrosion resistance and super-hydrophobic wearables.   

The review was published as a paper, titled "MXene-cellulose nanofiber composites: toward green, multi-functional, flexible, and highly efficient electromagnetic interference shielding materials" in Graphene and 2D Materials. Authors include Dr. Mina Namvari, Dr. Tülay İnan and Dr. Aysun Altan.   

We congratulate our researchers for their success.  

The paper is available online at