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The article published in the "Reaction Chemistry & Engineering" journal of the "Royal Society of Chemistry" within the scope of the project titled "Continuous Composite Manufacturing by a Microwave-Powered Fluidic Reactor (FluCoM)" carried out at SUNUM with the support of TÜBİTAK 2232 - International Leading Researchers Program has been chosen as the "FRONT COVER" of the new issue of the magazine.

The article is about the production of homogeneously dispersed silver nanoparticles in ~5 nm size continuously at ~40 ℃ and within ~4 minutes, using a microwave-assisted fluid reactor system, without using an additional reducing agent in thermoplastic polyurethane. Composite materials produced show higher antibacterial activity compared to those prepared by traditional methods.

The article was written within the scope of the project carried out by Associate Professor Mustafa Kemal Bayazıt, one of the SUNUM researchers. The other authors of the article are Associate Professor Meral Yüce, Qandeel Saleem, Milad Torabfam from SUNUM and Dr. Hasan Kurt from Medipol University. We congratulate our researchers for these valuable achievements.

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