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One of the SUNUM part-time researchers, Assoc. Dr. Rükan Genç Altürk's studies on edible and UV protective coatings to extend the shelf life of perishable foods were published in American Chemical Society Omega 2022.

In the article titled “Multicolor Emitting Carbon Dot-Reinforced PVA Composites as Edible Food Packaging Films and Coatings with Antimicrobial and UV-Blocking Properties”, they fuse multicolor fluorescent emitting CDs into PVA based polymeric matrix as edible and UV protective coating to extend the shelf life of perishable foods such as strawberries. An easy approach is proposed to produce a series of photoluminescent polymer composite films using a one-step method by embedding in situ.

Other authors of the article are as follows: Melis Özge Alaş from Mersin University Chemical Engineering, Gamze Doğan from Izmir University of Technology Bioengineering Department, Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Serkan Yalçın and Mersin University Food Processing Department Prof. Dr. Sadin Ozdemir.

You can access the article at

Also, Assoc. Dr. Rükan Genç Altürk's article titled " Bright white light emission from blue emitting carbon dot-coated Dy3+-doped luminescent glasses" will be published in Elsevier's Journal of Alloys and Compounds in December 2022. You can access the article at

Makalenin diğer yazarları şöyledir: Department of Chemical Engineering, Engineering Faculty, Mersin University, Melis Özge Alaş, Faculty of Engineering Department of Bioengineering, Izmir Institute of Technology Gamze Doğan, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Processing Technologies, Technical Science Vocational School, Mersin University Mustafa Serkan Yalçın, Food Processing Programme, Technical Science Vocational School Sadin Özdemir.