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Koray Bahadır Dönmez

PhD in Chemistry
Energy Laboratory Team Leader

Work Experience

Yildiz Teknopark A.Ş./ Technology Transfer Office (2018-2020)

Mir Ar-Ge A.Ş (2013-2018)

Research Interests

energy storage systems, nanomaterials,


electrochemical detection,


impedance spectroscopy,


flow injection systems,

adsorption kinetics

Last 5 Publications

1.Development of preconcentration process of iron by using graphene absorbent and experimental design methodology (2018). Seda Deveci, Ebru Çetinkaya, Koray B. Dönmez, Sevinç Karadağ, Mustafa Doğu, Microchemical Journal, Elsevier DOI

2.A performance comparison of protective silicate-coated lead and non-coated lead electrodes in various kind electrolytes of gel valve-regulated lead-acid battery. Koray B. Dönmez, Metin Gençten, Yücel Şahin, Ionics (2018).

3.Application of stripping voltammetry method for the analysis of available copper, zinc and manganese contents in soil samples. Dilara Kılıç, Seda Deveci, Koray B. Dönmez, Ebru Çetinkaya, Sevinç Karadağ, Mustafa Doğu, International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry,

4.Development of an automated flow injection analysis system for determination of phosphate in nutrient solutions. Sevinç Karadağ, Emine M. Görüşük, Ebru Çetinkaya, Seda Deveci, Koray B. Dönmez, Emre Uncuoğlu, Mustafa Doğu. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture. DOI 10.1002/jsfa.8911

5.Preparation of electrochemically treated nanoporous pencil graphite electrodes for simultaneous determination of Pb and Cd in water sample(2017), Koray B. Dönmez, Ebru Çetinkaya, Seda Deveci, Sevinç Karadağ, Yücel Şahin, Mustafa Doğu. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry. DOI 10.1007/s00216-017-0426-3


1.Polysiloxane-based gel electrolyte and its production method (Turkish Patent) Inventors: Ender Suvacı, Oktay Uysal, Koray Bahadır Dönmez, Metin Gençten, Yücel Şahin, Applicant: Ericsson A.Ş. 2014-G-180683,2017 (Turkish Patent)

2.An electrode coated with a sodium silicate-based membrane and its production method Inventors: Yücel Şahin, Koray Bahadır Dönmez, Metin Gençten, Kadir Pekmez, Ender Suvacı, Applicant: Ericsson A.Ş. 2014-G-90712, 2017 (Turkish Patent)

3.Gel electrolyte and production method used in lead-acid batteries Inventors: Yücel Şahin, Metin Gençten, Koray Bahadır Dönmez, Kadir Pekmez, Ender Suvacı, Oktay Uysal, Applicant: Ericsson A.Ş. 2013-G-378559, 2016 (Turkish Patent)